Commercial Industrial Audits

Audit Funding Provided by the Independent Electricity System Operator 

The AUDIT FUNDING incentive is intended to cover up to 50% of the cost of an energy audit. An energy audit is the first step in understanding how energy is being used in your building. This will help you reduce operating costs and improve performance. Business customers are eligible for incentives to complete energy audits assessing the potential for energy savings through equipment replacement, operational practices, or participation in Demand Response initiatives and other building systems and envelopes projects. We will work together to identify the best and most sustainable energy management program for your business.


What is an Energy Efficiency Evaluation Report?

An energy efficiency evaluation report will provide you with an independent evaluation of the your businesses energy use; it will assess your energy consumption and provide an estimated percentage of energy used for space heating, lighting, plug load and industrial processes.  A thorough list of energy saving measures and the simple ROI calculation will be provided.  By implementing some or all of the recommendations in this report, you could reduce your energy consumption and increase your energy efficiency rating.

When you reduce the amount of energy used, you also reduce the production of greenhouse gases (GHG) such as carbon dioxide and, you could reduce its GHG emissions per year.

The sooner you start your renovations and invest in energy efficiency upgrades, the sooner you will benefit from the energy savings.  We will also list the supplementary Grants and incentives that are available.


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