Grants and Programs

Home Owners

Wilde Energy Conservation has experience delivering and facilitating a multitude of grant and rebate programs, as well as programs that will provide qualified clients with professionally installed upgrades and advice.

If you are a homeowner considering upgrades to your attic, basement or wall insulation; upgrading any heating or cooling equipment or if you are buying new windows and doors, call us first!  An energy audit fee is money well spent, just for the information you will receive – knowledge is power! We can also direct you towards available grants for the upgrades you are considering.

Rebate and grant programs for energy upgrades are routinely updated but we monitor these changes to serve you better.

Often, one of the required steps to benefit from a program is to have a visit from a Certified Energy Advisor. They will complete an energy audit of your home and to give you expert advice about your energy use and systems.

Wilde Ridge has been involved with or can help you find out about the following programs, call us to see if there are any other grants or programs available to you.

  • Union Gas Home Reno Rebate
  • Energuide for Homes
  • Save On Energy grants for installing Furnaces and Air Conditioners
  • MicroFIT Program
  • Heating and Cooling Incentive
  • Fridge and Freezer Pick up             
  • Ontario Home Reno Rebate CMHC


Business Owners

  • Audit Funding for Commercial and Industrial audits
  • Business Retrofit Program
  • Net Metering Solar
  • Small Business Lighting
  • Union Gas Commercial / Industrial Incentive



Contact us today, to see if your business or project qualifies!

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