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Is Climate Change Real?

Yes. Research has shown that the global temperatures are rising at an unprecedented and abnormally fast rate.  It is widely accepted that the main cause is human burning of fossil fuels.  There are thing we can do and need to do now.  One of the things that everyone can do to lessen their impact is to conserve th energy that they use.  Conservation is also one of the cheapest and easiest thing we can do.

Does Setting Back the Temperature Save Energy?

Yes. Research from the Canadian Centre for Housing Technology shows that winter setbacks for the houses tested would result in heating cost savings of five to fifteen per cent. The highest savings came with a setback of 6°C (11°F). See CMHC’s Research Highlight: Effects of Thermostat Setting on Energy Consumption.

Savings for the summer were about the same, although simply raising the thermostat set point in the summer from 22°C (71°F) to 24°C (75°F) led to more significant savings than the set-forward strategy and also offered better indoor humidity control.

 The IESO formally the Ontario Power Authority does still has rebate and incentive programs.

Heat travels out of your home in all directions.  Hot air rises but heat travels in all directions so one of the greatest areas to save energy and heat loss is by insulating your basement.  Often during an Energy Audit we find a large area of heat loss that the home owner misses living their day to day lives.  Have an Energy Advisor look at you home through a different set of eyes.  We do not see spider webs we see Air Leakage.  We do not see Expensive windows that need replacing we fins leaks around windows, and we know about the grants and the prices that upgrades should cost we have helped hundreds of Homeowners like you.

Energy conservation and energy efficiency are presently the most powerful tools in our transition to a clean energy future.   Conservation is also the most cost effective way to lower your bills.


Some people have signed up with independent energy retailer and are finding out that it can be expensive to get out of these contracts.  If you are an average user it is now easier and much cheaper to get out of your contract follow this link

Keeping in the Heat

The Ministry of Natural Resources Canada has some excellent resources available like the book Keeping n the Heat, see following link;